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When you go to the Central Library in the City of San Bernardino, you will be able to check out more than books. The wildly popular American Girl Dolls are available for checkout at the Feldheym Central Library to the parents of children who are 8 years old and older. The doll kits include a doll, carrying case, a book about the doll, and a journal.

This project, which is funded by the San Bernardino City Library Foundation, is designed to provide an engaging learning experience for children in our community. Children will get the opportunity to take home and play with the beloved dolls while learning about the characters and their place in fictional American history by reading the books. Children will also contribute to an ongoing story while improving their writing skills by recording the adventures they had with the doll in the journal.

For more information on this program and the requirements for checking out a doll, call the library at 909-381-8235. 

American Girl Dolls Available for Check-out

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Addy Walker - 1864
I've escaped to a new life. My whole world is opening wide, but I'm learning that freedom doesn't make everything easy. Through it all, family is what keeps me going. Just the thought of us all together gives me strength.

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Felicity Merriman™ - 1774
For me, good laughs beat polite manners, and following my heart is better than following orders. But the biggest choice I'll ever make is choosing my independence—and I'll take risks and take sides to defend it.

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Isabelle Palmer™ - Girl of the Year 2014
I am excited about starting my first year at Anna Hart School of the Arts, but my classmates are so talented I wonder if I'll always be dancing in their shadow. Can I stop comparing myself to others and find a way to become my own kind of dancer?

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Ivy Ling - 1974
Ivy Ling (nicknamed “Poison Ivy” by Julie) is a ten-year-old Chinese American girl who wants to make her family proud. She loves gymnastics and hates to mess up in front of a crowd. Although Ivy seems to have a deep connection to her Chinese heritage, Chinese school is somewhat boring to her and she doesn't like to eat Chinese food every single day.

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Josefina Montoya™ - 1824
I always have a moment to listen, a smile to share, and a place in my heart for the people and animals on my family's rancho. Some say I'm too quiet, but I'm never shy about showing how much I care.

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Julie Albright™ - 1974
I like school and hanging out with friends, and I play on the basketball team. The boys' basketball team. I'll take on any challenge. Sometimes, I take on too much. But that's OK—everything will turn out groovy in the end.

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Kaya™ - 1764
Wild adventures and amazing surprises are everywhere in nature, and it's hard not to get caught up in the excitement! I'm lucky that my loyal mare, Steps High, always walks the right path—and teaches me to do the same.

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Kirsten Larson - 1854
Kirsten Larson and her family arrive in America in 1854, after a long sea voyage. Everything looks so different from the life Kirsten knew back in Sweden--the ways people talk and dress seem strange! Will she ever feel at home here? It is only when the Larsons arrive at a tiny farm on the edge of the frontier that Kirsten believes Papa's promise--America will be a land filled with opportunity for them all.

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Luciana Vega - Girl of the Year 2017
I know I've got what it takes to be a real astronaut. With creativity, confidence, and a serious science streak, I can launch my dream of landing on Mars. But my teamwork skills still need work. I'll have to learn how to reach others if I want to reach the stars.

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Melody Ellison™ - 1964
Fairness and equality for all people sound like music to my ears. More than ever, I need to lend my support at home, at church, and around my neighborhood. It'll take courage, but adding my voice to others can really make a difference.

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Nanea Mitchell™ - 1941
I take care of my friends and neighbors—that's the aloha spirit. It's extra important since that terrible Sunday at Pearl Harbor. The bombs left a puka, a hole—and every kind act helps fill our hearts again.

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Z Yang™
I'm an imaginative filmmaker developing my own take on the world around me. Now I'm getting my first chance to be a real filmmaker! I hope what's in my head will be just as awesome when it's on the screen.


American Girl Doll Kit FAQ

How do I borrow a doll kit?
Adult San Bernardino Public Library cardholders in good standing may check out the American Girl doll, for a total of 7 days with no renewals. Holds may be placed by calling the library at 909-381-8235. The library staff reserves the right to limit the number of times that cardholders may borrow the doll due to demand and availability. Children's Room Staff will go over the American Girl Doll Check-out Form with the library patron borrowing the doll to show them everything that is in the kit. (The staff member will point out the items that are missing from the kit if that is the case.)
Sign outs are limited to one doll kit per family and ages 8 and up.

How do I return the doll?
To return the doll kit, a responsible adult must complete the sign-in form at the Children's Room desk. Staff will go over the American Girl Doll Check-In Form with the library patron to ensure that everything that was borrowed is returned.

Can I return the doll kit through the book drop?
No. To return the doll, a responsible adult must complete the sign-in form at the Children's desk.

Can I return the doll kit at the lobby's circulation desk?
No. To return the doll, a responsible adult must complete the sign-in form at the Children's desk.

Why do I have to return the doll kit at the Children's Desk?

The sign-in and sign-out forms must be completed so that all of the kit's items are accounted for.

Are there overdue fines for late returns?
Yes, late fee charges will be applied for overdue returns in the amount of $1.00 per day. In addition, the full cost of the dolls, traveling case and accessories will be charged for lost or damaged dolls.

What will happen if one or more items are not returned with the kit?
If an item(s) is missing or damaged, this will be noted on the Check-In Form. You are responsible for the cost of any pieces are that need to be replaced.

What are the costs for replacement?
Doll: $140
Book: $15
Brush: $10
Accessories: $30
Journal Notebook: $5
Clothes: $36
Carrying case: $30
Total cost: $260

How are the replacement costs determined?
The costs are determined by the amount needed to acquire and process replacements.

How do I care for a doll?
Cut or shampoo or color the doll's hair (it can get frizzy and damaged).
Change the style of the doll's hair
Wash the doll or her clothes.
Mend her clothes or the doll.

Only use the provided wire wig brush on the doll's hair.
The doll should be returned in the same condition as received: clothes on doll, hair as neat as possible, and carefully packed and organized

What comes in an American Girl® Doll Kit
Each kit includes:
1 doll
Set of doll clothes
Assorted accessories
The first book about the character
A journal to record the doll's adventures with a bit of historical info on the cover
Carrying case
A tag listing contents of the kit

Why a journal?
We hope that you will write a bit and draw a picture about the doll's stay with you. Please use one page of the journal and date your entry. It will become a book about our doll's adventures.

What if I have an American Girl doll, clothing, and/or accessories I would like to donate?
We welcome donations of new or used American Girl Dolls, clothing and accessories; including historic characters that can no longer be purchased. Donations in good condition can be dropped off at the Children's Room desk.